Suede, short gloves



Without a doubt, these gloves are an impressionable accessory this season.

Perfect for any type of dress, even summer dresses!

The glove adjusts perfectly to the shape of your hand. You only have to choose the length of your glove based on the length of the sleeves on your dress.

Available in these colors and many more, since we can dye them according to your color preference.

Here are a few tips for wearing gloves like a perfect guest:

  • never wear them inside: for an inside ceremony and for eating, be sure to take them off.
  • only wear a glove on one hand while at the event: the hand that is not covered is meant for greeting.
  • never wear jewels on the gloves
  • the glove must be slightly shirred at the base of the wrist and at the forearm, according to the length of the glove



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